Written 30th October 2018

I want your fingers in me deep
Your tongue caressing mine
Your body heat melting me like a candle
Drip by drip
Just a little deeper
And I feel my legs begin to shake
My back starts to arch
Right there is where you press
Leaving me gasping for air
I take a deep breath as I feel my body start to combust
I'm a human torch
Trembling vibrantly into oblivion


Written 7th March 2019

My hands are tied

My eyes are covered

And all I know is your hands

Are everywhere

Your nails digging into my thighs

As your lips meet mine

I can't help but tingle

As your tongue

Lightly tickles my clit

I feel your hands wander

And squeeze my buttocks tight

As a finger starts to stray

I feel the urge to tear free

And pull you closer

I need you deep and hard

Inside of me

As we scratch and bite one another

Marking every inch of skin

Worn out and running on fumes

But unable to satisfy our hunger

For each other's flesh

Until finally we can't hold it in

And it's like fireworks

As we curl up panting

Loving every second of it


Written 8th March 2019

My head’s against the pillow
Arms and legs restrained
I feel you move around
And arch my neck to see
You’re pacing at the side of the bed
Riding crop slapping against your thigh
As you move
Circling me
The predator catching his prey
Trapped and unable to flee
I fight the urge to giggle
The way you look at me
With such a hunger
Reminds me just how much I love you
And vice versa
In this moment though
I am your submissive
And you my master
I feel the leather hit my already reddened behind
I fight the urge to moan
I’ve not been given permission yet
It hits me once more
With a loud slap and my flesh burns
From where it made contact
I bite my lip
Waiting for your words
I feel the need to plee for release
But I know you’ll satisfy me soon
As the weight on the bed shifts
And your cool fingers start to work


Written 3rd July 2019

I'm hungry for you



I just want your weight

Pinning me down

Your hands itching to touch

Every bare inch

Lightly scratching all over

With tiny moans escaping

And your lips smirking

Pressing hard

Against mine

As we're entangled

With barely a millimetre

Between our flesh

If only

It could last longer

Than the fleeting moments

We have


Written 2nd January 2020

My nails run down

Your sides

My hands grazing

Every little goosebump

My lips tasting

Every inch

You permit me to touch

As I get lower

You start to bite

Your rosy pink lips

Watching me


Burning in your eyes

As you move your hips

Allowing my roaming

Exploratory hands

To pull those panties


Your cheeks

Flushed red

So cute

Yet we both know

The innocence you portray

Is a lie

I fight the urge to smirk

As my mouth finally finds

That sweet haven

I can't stop

Thinking about

And from the noises

I hear you making

The little moans


I know you've been

Thinking about it too


Written 4th January 2020

Kiss me


I need your lips

Pressed into mine

Slowly parting

As we get

More entwined

Hands groping around

With each kiss

Filled with more passion

And a little more tongue

Than the last

My roaming fingers toying

With the clasp on your bra

Making of it light work

Before tracing their way

To your front

Pushing aside the strap and cup

To reveal more beneath

And holding your breast

Squeezing so lightly

As my thumb grazes your nipple

Feeling just how much it throbs

I can't fight the urge

To bite your lower lip

I'm so riled

I need more

I can't control

My wandering hands

As they move

To the top

Of your panties

I give you the look

And you just nod

Permitting my hand

To find your sweet spot

And tease it repeatedly

Rubbing and stroking

All the while

With exploratory fingers

Until you can take

No more


Written 8th January 2020


The only word 

I can muster

As I grip the headboard


Little moans


With your every


My free hand

Clawing at your back

Much to your delight

Every thought


My focus completely

On you

And just what

You always do to me

My body reacting

Without my say

Just responding

Completely to yours

Perfectly in sync

Until we collapse

In a sweaty heap

And the love finally breaks

Free from the overwhelming lust

We just basked in


Written 13th January 2020


Pin me down

Hands gripping

My wrists hard

Making sure

I cannot wriggle.


Lean in slow

Smirk stretched

All over your face

As you lick your lips

The hungry wolf

Eyeing up its trapped



Leave your lips lingering

So close yet too far

For me you reach

"Patience", you chuckle

Knowing just how much

You tease

As your lips finally

Touch mine

And I can't help myself

I melt completely

Into you.


Written 7th February 2020

Pull the plait

I tied so neat

And hold it tight

I give you control

Full control

Over me

Slap my arse

And watch it bounce

Hear the moan

Escape my lips

I no longer want

I need

I long for

You to tell me

It's time

But you continue

Teasing with your fingers

Your tongue

Until you know

I can no longer cope

Every touch

I shake

I'm ready

On the verge

Of begging

When you smirk and

Finally ask

If I'm ready to

Serve you


Written 9th February 2020

Lipstick smeared

All over your neck

Little marks

Leading down

Down your chest

To the garden path

Trailing to

My version of


With the only thing

I need to



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