Meet Kirstin Graham

Kirstin is a writer from Salford, Manchester. She graduated from Wentworth High School in 2010 and went on to receive 3 A levels and 1 AS level in 2012 from Pendleton College. She also completed a Bachelor of Arts with honours degree in 2015 at the University of Salford with a 2:2 in Law.

While she has been passionate about writing since she was young, Kirstin is also passionate about photography, art, baking and a multitude of other creative pastimes. She regularly acts as a photographer for a local Manchester band who she has been supporting since day 1. She can often be found listening to music while working hard on her writing or reading other's books.

Kirstin's main goal is to see her written word take on the form of a published book which she hopes to do with 'A Flower Reborn', a novel she spent 2 years working on intensely. The novel has received good feedback from her selected test audience and she hopes the novel's success will continue with national publishers.

Aside from this website, she is active on her Instagram and Facebook.

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